Holdalls Update: Sell-Out Run at the Lowry

The Holdalls’ Christmas Adventure (a children’s show I composed and MD’d, previously here) has come to a close after a sell-out run at the gorgeous Lowry theatre up in Manchester. Huge thanks go out to Director Javan Hughes, tireless producer Sam Worboys, everyone at Greenwich Theatre and The Lowry, and the extremely talented cast ofContinue reading “Holdalls Update: Sell-Out Run at the Lowry”

The Holdalls’ Christmas Adventure!

A mysterious force has stolen all the world’s Christmas presents and now it’s up to Teddy to save them. To do this he must befriend a fearsome pirate, recover the Christmas fairy’s wand and track down a terrifying snow monster. Over the last month I’ve been writing, recording and teaching the music for Gomito’s latest show, whichContinue reading “The Holdalls’ Christmas Adventure!”