Playing on alt-j’s Relaxer [Vid]

When alt-j’s An Awesome Wave came out on SoundCloud I looped it. For weeks alt-j’s An Awesome Wave it was the only sound in my North London flat besides me shushing people who tried to talk over alt-j’s An Awesome Wave. A couple of years later I was playing my first show in New York, feeling pumpedContinue reading “Playing on alt-j’s Relaxer [Vid]”

A Dark Poeme of the Nyte

I spent last week recording in a lovely old church with Flora Curzon (more of those tracks soon). In our search for the perfect acoustic we found ourselves in the building’s crypt where I stubbed my toe on an ancient bundle of parchment. Unrolling it, we discovered primitive notation and lyrics for a song called ‘A DarkeContinue reading “A Dark Poeme of the Nyte”

Conviction, a new play by Rebecca Morgan [audio]

Conviction is a new play written by Rebecca Morgan and directed by Ria Samartzi about Milada Horáková, an activist and sometime politician who opposed the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, and Ludmila Brožová-Polednová, a Czech prosecutor involved in the trial which lead to Milada’s death. Music! The show has music and I got to write it. There’s about 25 minutes ofContinue reading “Conviction, a new play by Rebecca Morgan [audio]“

Komrade Krumm with Babolin Theatre

I have a few Emerald Cities, personal Meccas, Rock Candy Mountains. There’s the Juilliard in New York, the Potomac river near my childhood home in Maryland, and the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Really, it’s huge: 25 days long, more than 2,000 performances a day, all somehow crammed into the the medieval mobius strip that isContinue reading “Komrade Krumm with Babolin Theatre”

gado blog 2 – Molly Whitten

A couple of months ago, a crowd of music lovers packed the gunnels and stuffed the rafters of an east London annex for the first ever gado gado – a night of new compositions, dance, puppetry and visual art. I had the pleasure of premiering several chamber pieces, which I’ll be posting here as weContinue reading “gado blog 2 – Molly Whitten”