Folk Connections from Celtic Connections [Radio]

Listen to the show here. This January was my first ever Celtic Connections in Glasgow – I was there playing with the perennially charming Sam Lee alongside Alice Zawadzki and Josh Green. Our second concert was recorded by Verity Sharp for Radio 3, and you can find it here. And if you ever have the good fortuneContinue reading “Folk Connections from Celtic Connections [Radio]”

Left Coast

Giddy with a new romance, swaying under a hangover that could have floored a horse and upright only because I lacked the energy to lie down I scribbled a setting of Left Coast by Ming Holden, one of my favourite poets. An hour later I was looking at a dense, spinning score for three violins, threeContinue reading “Left Coast”

Folk Music, Fossil Hunting and the Wild Sea

Four years after the blockbuster success of Les Miserables, exiled from France, living on the tiny island of Guernsey and exhausted of national drama and political polemics, Victor Hugo wrote a relatively straightforward love story – Toilers of the Sea. Relatively straightforward for Victor Hugo, anyway. It still weighs in at 150,00 words (more thanContinue reading “Folk Music, Fossil Hunting and the Wild Sea”

New York Pt 3: Dance Performance with SITI Company Conservatory

As I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am quietly obsessed with dance, dancing, dancers and that whole world, so being invited to compose for a new piece by the SITI Company Conservatory had me spinning around the flat like Hugh Grant in 10 Downing Street. Our starting points were an extremely intimate text by Melissa Flower, myContinue reading “New York Pt 3: Dance Performance with SITI Company Conservatory”