Pete Drake

Unf! Guys! From 1964, sounds like something I wish Daft Punk, The Avalanches and/or Wax Tailer would release. Just unf!

If, like me, you just wish it was three minutes longer then that’s something I’ve done

Pete Drake was a steel guitarist, and his gimmick was making the steel guitar ‘talk’ by putting the speaker in his mouth* so when he mouthed words it sounded like the steel guitar was saying them. You may have tried the same thing with an electric toothbrush. Interestingly, not actually the first performer to do this, earliest I know of is a guy called Alvino Rey who was doing it late 1930s. Fun stuff

*actually the speaker’s connected to a tube and the tube’s put in the mouth, but the effect’s the same

Published by Jon Whitten

UK Music and Theatre Maker with Neat Beard

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