Later… with Jools Holland [Vid]

Video here

left to right: Josh Green, Sam Lee, Me and Flora Curzon

Last week I got to sing with Sam Lee on a show that I’ve watched fairly religiously for about a decade. Later… with Jools Holland is about as simple as TV pitches get; get five or six bands in a warehouse, fill any remaining floor space with audience and pack in as many songs as you can.

Which, now I come to think of it, is basically what Top of the Pops was. In fact, there’s only two differences, but they’re important.

  1. Jools Holland, the show’s effervescent host, dragging the cameras from one band to the next, quick-firing facts and introductions as he goes. His energy is infectious, and it’s obvious that he loves what he’s sharing. Which leads us to the show’s second major advantage:
  2. Jools Holland. See, Top of the Pops had to play what was at the top of the pop charts (stop me if I’m going to fast for you) and as such was all about the broadest appeal, the most easily accessible, immediately recognisable material. Not so here. The bands are all chosen by Jools Holland and his producers, and they’ve built their reputation on taking risks, and built an audience who go to them to hear something they may not have heard before.

At any rate, enough gushing. We went on, it was fantastic fun, and here’s the link

Huge shout out to Field Music and Son Little who were on the show with us, I hadn’t heard before and now am completely in love with


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