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A couple of months ago, a crowd of music lovers packed the gunnels and stuffed the rafters of an east London annex for the first ever gado gado – a night of new compositions, dance, puppetry and visual art.

I had the pleasure of premiering several chamber pieces, which I’ll be posting here as we mix down the recordings. Enjoy!

Small is a collection of fanfares, landscapes and songs I scrapbooked about four years ago in my then girlfriend’s parent’s attic. It started with a really miserable, whiney email to a friend – I was looking for words to set to music and it felt impossible. The poems I liked had movement and volume and swear words in them, but when I stretched them over my meandering, gradual melodies the effect was something like ‘I put a spell on you’ covered by a panpipe band (I googled it, yes it’s happened, no I’m not linking to it).

I was just looking for someone to agree that living was complicated and particularly difficult for me, but instead she wrote the poem I’d been looking for and sent me that. The rest of the piece got sketched out in a sleepless 24 hours, and sounds like this.

– Writers –

Jon Whitten – Music

Ming Holden – Unpublished (darling, lightly)

Shakespeare – Sonnet XXV

– Players –

Flora Curzon – Violin

Piotr Jordan – Viola

Kareem Dayes – Cello

Jon Whitten – Voice

– gado blogs –

1 – Small
2 – Molly Whitten
3 – Two Sisters [pending]
4 – Piazza Thouar Pietro [pending]
5 – Other Artists [pending]


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