gado gado, a Brand New Music night in London – 27 Oct

gado gado is on the 27th of October at The Proud Archivist

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Award-winning composer Jon Whitten presents an intimate chamber concert on Regents Canal, London

This is not music for chin stroking and sage nodding, not sonic experimentation rooted in the marks left on an old bus ticket by a dying spider. It’s a cinematic soundtrack to swim through, to drown in, to cry and laugh and soar to.


Our event on the 27th of October will feature a small ensemble of musicians (violin, viola, cello, guitar, hammer dulcimer and voice) and masterfully animated puppets.

These players come from every corner of the musical world; conservatoire classical, Balkan folk, jazz, glorious mongrels of no discernible lineage. What they share is a desire to build a world and drench you in it, to offer something that could be edifying, comforting, brutalising or beautiful but must be transformative.


 – Event will include –IMG_3685

* Unheard dances, dirges and songs by Jon Whitten

* A new chamber concerto for guitar by Greg Sanders (the man behind Teotima), comissioned by gado gado for this event

* Rarely heard gems, plucked from the ancient canons

* Visual art from the hearts and minds of London’s finest

* The magnificent offerings Proud Archivist itself, bar, restaurant, library and more.


– Players –

Flora Curzon – Violin

Piotr Jordan – Viola

Kareem Dayes – Cello

Greg Sanders – Guitar

Jon Whitten – Yang Qin, Voice


Tiff Wear

Faith Brandon


 – Past Praise – IMG_3688

“Superbly inventive” – Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries

“Beautiful magic” – Big Issue

“Brilliant” – Jude Rogers, The Guardian

“Delightfully innovative” **** – Laura Seymore, Exeunt Magazine

“Unique and delightful” ****(*) – Cavelle Leigh, The Public Review

***** The Independant (in collaboration with Charles Castronovo)

**** Lucy Howard – Guardian


– Examples of Past Work –

BalletConcertConceptual cropped-rsz_dscf1768.jpg

Published by Jon Whitten

UK Music and Theatre Maker with Neat Beard

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