Upcoming Chamber Concert in Rome

Award-winning composer Jon Whitten presents an intimate chamber concert in the historic heart of Rome

On October 13th I will be directing a chamber concert of my own work in the beautiful Ponte Sant’ Angelo Methodist Church in central Rome. It will be free and would be lovely if you could be there.IMG_1783

The church is an intimate, quiet space blessed with a crisp, clear acoustic which is going to be every kind of fun to play with.

The program, which includes two premiers, oscillates and metamorphoses like a melting kaleidoscope; illustrating epic narratives, resting in simple reflection and concluding with a celebratory extravaganza of sonic fireworks, a great whirling beast of a finish to a very tender, contemplative evening.IMG_1784

The ensemble will feature players from the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Rome’s premier conservatoire, and myself on the yang q’in dulcimer. This is a non-ticketed event, and entrance is free on a first-come-first-served basis. The concert will last for about an hour.

GoogleMap link here.

Feel free to email JonWhitten@hotmail.co.uk for any more information


– Forces –

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Voice, Yang Q’in


 – Program –

* Two Sisters – an ancient Baltic drama related by violin and viola Premier

* The Twilight Happened Still Between Thin White Trees – still water reflected by solo piano

* J. Blumenthal’s Grand Caprice – a string shredding, bow breaking helter-skelter tumble for solo viola

* Beautiful Losers – violin, viola, cello, voice and yang q’in dulcimer take on Leonard Cohen’s brilliant travesty of a novel Premier

* Britten’s Suite for Cello Solo op. 87 – solo cello flies unfettered and unafraid

* July Farewell – an ending of cello, yang q’in dulcimer and voice

(all pieces by Jon Whitten, with the exception of the Britten cello suite and Blumenthal Grand Caprice)


 – Past Praise – 

“Superbly inventive” – Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries

“Beautiful magic” – Big Issue

“Brilliant” – Jude Rogers, The Guardian

“Delightfully innovative” **** – Laura Seymore, Exeunt Magazine

“Unique and delightful” ****(*) – Cavelle Leigh, The Public Review

***** The Independant (in collaboration with Charles Castronovo)

**** Lucy Howard – Guardian


– Examples of Past Work –

BalletConcertConceptual cropped-rsz_dscf1768.jpg

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