New York Pt 2: Wo’Pop with Darek Mazzone and Sam Lee

Click here to hear the session.

Trudging up to an unmarked back entrance of a nameless building in central Manhattan, myself and the rest of the band were ushered up service lifts, through winding corridors to our studio, The Cutting Room. The first thing you notice about The Cutting Room is a lack of walls. Where walls would normally go there’s a solid layer of gold and platinum records which have been worked on in house. And they’ve worked on everything. Everything from the Shrek soundtrack, to the Corrs best hits, to this utter gem.

There we were joined by the charming Darek Mazzone who weaved an interview through an intimate set you can check out here.

It features:

Sam Lee – Voice
Me – Yang Qin, Piano, Baritone Ukulele
Flora Curzon – Violin
Francesca Ter-Berg – Cello
Steve Chadwick – Trumpet
Josh Green – Percussion






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