First Look at Tantalus, a new ballet by Three Satyrs

Photo (c) Ruth Whitten
Photo (c) Ruth Whitten
Photo (c) Ruth Whitten
Photo (c) Ruth Whitten

I love dancers. I love the bravery of performing without an instrument to lean on or hide behind, without words to explain what you’re doing or how the audience should feel about it, stepping out as a body in a room full of bodies and making the case that all the other bodies should shut up, sit down, and watch yours. It’s an audacious stance to take, and I’m a little in awe of those who can pull it off.

So I’m very excited to be able to share a scratch recording of the overture to Tantalus, a new ballet I’ve begun work on with Greek dancers Τρεις Σάτυροι (Three Satyrs). I can’t say much about the show as a whole, but the overture will be danced by an unstable, insatiable trio on a bare stage.

It’s scored for four treble instruments, recorded here by violinist Flora Curzon

Published by Jon Whitten

UK Music and Theatre Maker with Neat Beard

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