Daphnis Rising

10676291_10154626914000468_6899391002542060775_n[1]I’d like to write a little about my new immersive one-hander adventure story, Daphnis Rising.

Daphnis is a shepherd boy
And all the world he’s ever seen
Is seven lush and grassy hills
And seven vales between

Daphnis isn’t boring per se, just very sheltered. His brother Pan, very much awake to the wilder pleasures of life, makes it his mission to show Daphnis what he’s missing. One night, at a fire-lit festival deep in the forest, he succeeds, and Daphnis is set on an explosive journey through magic and mischief, love and loss, dark caverns, deep forests, always stretching to see, find and feel more.10650041_10154626913940468_428047467098033959_n[1]

Performed with singing and live accompaniment from the yang chin dulcimer, tabla, ukulele and guitar, and a custom lighting rig, designed specifically for the show, Daphnis Rising draws from Greek mythology and folk tales from all over the world.

Below are a few scenes from a performance at The Junction, Cambridge.10671271_10154627258690468_6495276484821344682_n[1]

Daphnis Rising was developed with generous support from the Arts Council England and Worboys Productions over two weeks in the gorgeous South East Anglian countryside. A dreamy fortnight full of campfires, acrobatics, never ending wall-charts and  a number of immensely talented mentors, all of which will form the body of another post.


Published by Jon Whitten

UK Music and Theatre Maker with Neat Beard

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